BEETHOVEN – Missa Solemnis

BEETHOVEN – Missa   Solemnis

Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon,2007

By contrast, bass Yorck Felix Speer and soprano Simona Saturova sang expressively while fitting into the overall sound.By that I don’t mean that a soloist shouldn’t soar when the composer offers wings. Saturova seems to understand this innately. A great   singer can make difficult music sound easy, while an average singer can make easy music sound hard. Saturova is a great singer, and when she does turn on the power, it seems effortless and natural, and always at the right moment. She also sings with honesty and tenderness. Her voice was the highlight of the festival for me.”
TOM MANOFF, The Register-Guard, July 19, 2007

Smetanova Litomysl Festival

The standard that Edita Gruberová and Gabriela Benackova,   above all, dared their followers to meet is clear: international. If   any Bratislava soprano does meet it, she will satisfy even the highest   demands of classical music. Like Simona Houda-Saturova during the   entire second-last evening of the Smetanova Litomysl Festival in one   of Ludwig van Beethoven’s supreme achievements, the Missa Solemnis.   Her colourfully and technically solid, resonant and velvety voice   sparkled in solos and did not even recede in harmony with the mighty   apparatus of both Brno bodies, the Czech Philharmonic Choir and the   State Philharmonic, conducted by Georg Schmöh.”</review>
JiřÍ Černý, Reflex, Slovenský sopránový pramen  nevysychá

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